Frequently Asked Questions

1Who are you?
We are American Dream Real Estate Solutions, LLC. We are NOT real estate agents or brokers, we are NOT trying to list your house in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) nor represent you or any other home seller or buyer for that matter. We are only looking to BUY your house, in its present condition (as is) for a fair “all cash” offer (or any other method that suits your situation better) in the time frame of your choosing.
2How did you get my information?
As real estate investors we obtain lists that contain data on homeowner’s names, addresses, property characteristics, etc. that are public records and available to anyone. Your property must’ve been in a category that made our systems send you some type of marketing material. If you are even remotely interested in our excellent services, give us a call, text or email us and we will get back to you immediately. If not, please, also contact us and ask to be removed from our data base and we will do so right away, with our apologies.
3Am I under any obligation if I submit my information to you or call you with questions?
Absolutely no obligation! You are not even obligated to take our offer once we present it to you. As a matter of fact, many people call us just to check our program, what we do, how we do it and how we can help them out. After so many years helping out folks in the South Florida areas, we can immediately spot if we can’t be of service to them, and if that’s the case, we advise them into what is the best resource for them and even refer them to another service. All of it at no cost, of course. We strongly believe in educating our community and offering our help, beyond our business scope.
4Does your company purchase all home types?
The answer is yes, American Dream Real Estate Solutions buys all home types. For the homeowner dealing with any type of distressed property, and needing to sell their home quickly, we are more than willing to work with you, regardless of property type, size, area, situation, condition or equity. However, we don’t buy Rental Communities, Commercial Property, Timeshares and Hotels.
5How is the process?

The process is extremely simple.

A) One of our friendly representatives will call you to collect the information we need. This first contact lasts for just about 10-15 minutes, and the information is immediately entered into our database.
B) Our Purchasing Manager will process this data, and based on your specific needs, create a custom made offer for you. We are very careful to calculate the best scenarios, given your specific situation and the property characteristics.
C) We will then call you back to check that everything is correct, set up an appointment and deliver this offer to you, personally. We do this, so that we can go with you through all the details in our simple agreement, answer any questions you may still have and show our face, so that you feel confident that you are dealing with a serious company, not a ghost.
D) After we get the agreement signed, we set the closing date and you get paid exactly on that date, and exactly what we promised, not a penny less.
6Do you actually pay in cash?
If by cash you mean a brief case full of $1000 dollar bills…no. That is illegal. Buying in cash is an expression that refers to our ability to use our own funds, or those of our funding investor/partners, without the always troublesome involvement of the banks. The transactions are made using legal funds, in a moral, ethical and perfectly legal way. You may be surprised to know that almost 37% of all US real estate transactions nowadays are made by using this method of bypassing the banks! By the way, we use experienced title companies and reputable real estate attorneys in all of our closings, so you feel secure and confident in the process.
7How about if am in another city/state?
No worries, we can still buy your house. We will only need access to the property at a specific date to inspect it before closing. We can do everything virtually, over phone calls and emails, and you will receive the agreement electronically. You can securely sign it and resend it to us, and out title company will take care of disbursing all the monies to you via wire transfer or secured check. Easy stuff.
8Do you charge fees for your services?
No, when you choose to sell to us there are absolutely no fees to use our services. As soon as you receive our offer, you can count on that number to be the exact amount you are putting in your pocket at closing. Any other expense is on us.
9What commission fees should I pay?
We are NOT real estate agents looking to represent you or list your house, so there is no commission which we are going to collect if you choose to sell us your home. We want to BUY your house and there is no small print or hidden charges.
10How long will the process take?
We are very fast and our goal is to offer you the highest value, and close on the sale in the shortest period of time. We know some owners are selling to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings, so we understand the urgency. The time frame for the closing, typically depends on you as the seller, as we are always ready to make an offer on any property. If, on the contrary, you prefer to close at a later date, due to a specific situation, like another closing, a delayed settlement, a mourning period, tenant issues, etc, we can do that too. As a matter of fact, that is one of the best benefits of our program. We can agree on selling now, so you can have peace of mind, knowing that your house is sold, you can stay in the house for as long as you need, and we can close at a later date, at your own convenience.
11How much are you going to pay for my house?
The simple answer: As much as possible! Even though it is impossible to say how much a house is worth, without comparing it to other houses in the vicinity and with similar features, one thing we can tell you, and is that our goal is to offer you the best deal you can get in the market. We are very transparent in our process and will tell you how we arrived at the offer/price we are extending to you. The ranges in the amount we pay for a house depends solely on easy to understand points that we will present to you, and can go as high as almost 100% of market value! As a matter of fact we can be very aggressive and match any written offer you have received from another investor in the past 30 days and increase it by $1000.*
12Can you buy my rental if I still have tenants living in it?
Of course. We will be very cautious not to disturb or startle them. If you don’t want them to know that you are selling the house they will never find out from us. In case that we get to an agreement, we can also work for them to either stay permanently, temporarily or give them notice of eviction, after we close the deal.
13Isn’t it better for me if I hire an agent? How about selling it myself as a For Sale By Owner? Why would I sell it to you?
These are very common questions. Let’s break them down for easy understanding. First of all, agents (or realtors) are, for the most part, hard working, honest individuals, who try their best to make a living and act in a professional manner. Second, the For Sale By Owner method of selling is very popular and many sellers have been able to use it correctly to sell their houses. Our company serves as a bridge in between both traditional methods and compiles all the benefits of both, without the disadvantages that they have and even providing some extra advantages. Let’s take a look at the chart below.
Issues Important To You: Real Estate Agent For Sale By Owner American Dream Real Estate Solutions
Certainty of Sale No No Yes (or No Immediately)
Tell You in 24 hrs if Can Sell Now No No Yes
Wrap Up Sale Within 7 Days No No Yes
You Pay 6-7% Commission Yes No No
You Pay Appraisal Fee Yes Maybe No
You Pay Title Policy Yes Yes No
You Pay Deed Preparation Yes Yes No
You Pay Closing Fees near 3% Yes Yes No
You Pay Recording Fee Yes Yes No
You Pay Survey Fee Maybe Maybe No
You Pay Termite Inspect. Maybe Maybe No
You Pay Escrow Fees Yes Yes No
You Pay Home Inspection Maybe Maybe No
House Is Listed, Among Many Yes Yes No
You Spend Time/$ To Advertise No Yes No
You Wait By Phone For Call Yes Yes No
You Get Nuisance/False-Hope Calls Maybe Yes No
Many Strangers Visit/View Yes Yes No
You Must Keep House All-Neat Yes Yes No
People Visit House/Fake Interest Maybe Maybe No
You Choose Exact Move-Date Maybe Maybe Yes
Incentive to Sell Is High No Yes Yes
Loyalty To You No Yes Yes
You Get Fair Price Maybe Maybe Acceptable to You
You Get Above Market Price Maybe Maybe No
Close With All Cash Probable No No Yes
Non-Assumable Loan is Problem Maybe Maybe No
You Are Given Choices Maybe Maybe Yes
Home Repairs Stand In The Way Yes(Often) Yes(Often) No
Financing takes additional 45-60 days Yes (Usually) Yes (Usually) No
Financing Falls Through Maybe Maybe No
Quick Relief from Mortgage Unlikely Unlikely Likely
You’re responsible for past-due mortgage payments Yes Yes Not Necessarily
Eliminate Listing Agreement No Yes Yes
Peace of Mind Achieved Less Likely Least Likely Yes
As you can see, we are honest. Not all is an advantage when you decide to try our services, but we are way better than the other options you have!
14I don’t understand all this legal mumbo-jumbo. Can I get an attorney involved?
By all means, yes! We offer a very thorough explanation of all the items in our agreement, step by step and sentence by sentence, but if you are not confident that you understand all the issues involving a real estate transaction, please get the help of a friendly real estate attorney of your choice. We can even refer you to some of the best attorneys in South Florida (not associated with us)
15I’m on the fence on this. Can I talk to you and see what’s best for me?
Of course! Go through all the questions in this section and if you are still undecided, give us a call. We will assist you in anything you need to know beyond what you see here. Many of our past customers took a long time to decide that our option was the best for them, and finally, after weeks of thinking and weighing their chances, went with us. Now, just remember that, usually, time is of the essence in most real estate transactions, and that an offer that we make today may not be there in a few weeks, because of a sudden market change.
16I don’t want to allow anyone in my house for inspections, nor negotiate any deal. I want more than what my house is worth.
We can appreciate that. In that case, please don’t call us and good luck.
17My house is pretty, fairly new and I’m not in distress, but I have almost no equity, so an agent is not an option. Can you help?
Probably, we are one of the few companies in South Florida that can say…YES! We are not the fly by night “I Buy Houses Cash” guy from the bandit signs you see on the road side. We take pride in saying that we are a professional real estate investing company. One of the biggest differences with the rest of the competition (which we greatly respect) is that we are experts in what is called creative financing solutions. The many techniques an methods we use will be of great help to you, if that’s your case. We will be able to explain those to you in more detail, upon analyzing you specific case, but rest assured that you will be, not just satisfied with the results, but amazed at what we can do to craft a creative solution, that will get your house sold faster and put more money in your pocket than you even thought possible!
18I feel overwhelmed and lost in all this! My life is a wreck and I need help!
Not an uncommon felling. Understand that whatever low moments you are going through in life right now are just momentary. Try to stay calm and know that we are here to help. If selling your house, to us or anyone else is the solution to your problem, we will tell you so; and if is not what you should do…we will also tell you. Know that you are not the only one going through this situation; in fact tens of thousands of people are forced to sell their house every year. Don’t fight this battle alone; enlist the help of American Dream Real Estate Solutions, LLC to be in your corner!